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Reloading Bench

I had a reloading bench that I built a long time ago. The kind where you bolted the press to the bench. Over time, I acquired more presses. I started using c clamps to hold them in place. That got to be a real pain and I decided there must be a better way. Gavin published this story “The new Reloading Bench System at Ultimate Reloader” on his site. I thought I would give it a try with a few changes. I wanted to use the Inline Fabrication quick change plate system with out he risers. They make  a custom non-flush mount base plate that is perfect for my application:

base plate

I bought 3 of the plates from them and the tee track hardware that Gavin recommended. I took my router and positioned the tracks to properly mount the base plates. Them I added the quick change plates to my presses and I was good to go. Now I can easily move everything around for the particulate type of reloading I’m doing.

Getting ready to mount tracks  tracks mounted XL650 front view XL650 side view all presses mounted

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